50 Liter Bags

Instead of compressing the coir, we can also pack it in loose bags (50 Liter). The loading capacity of the container is greatly reduced because the loose bags take up a lot of space in the container. However, for those customers who would prefer to sell the product in retail without any hassle, this is a great choice.

50 liter bags

50 liter loose packing

50 liter coco pith packing

  • Size: 50 Liter Bags [1.8 Cu. Foot]
  • Weight: ~ 10 Kilograms [~ 22 Lbs] +/- 10%
  • Moisture:  Approx 50%
  • Packing:  On Heat Treated/ Fumigated Wooden Pallets, about 55-60 bags per pallet [~ 1 Metric Ton].
  • Loading Capacity: 12-14 MT per 40′ Container.
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