Buffered Coco Peat

The Signature of For Peat’s Sake

Buffered Coir is the signature product of our company.  Hydroponic Growers and Potting Soil Suppliers industries prefer our Buffered Coir.  Our coir mill has refined the science of buffered coir into an art. The coir is aged to a minimum of 2 years or more and treated in concrete bunkers with Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulfate salts. The water used is filtered using reverse osmosis technique and the salt levels in the product is very low.

Please click the PDF below for the test results on our buffered coir.





Sieved, Washed & Buffered Coco Peat

Buffered Coir is the signature product of our company. In the last few years, we have supplied several hundred tonnes of this buffered coco peat. Our buffered coco peat is the top most choice among the leading potting soil manufacturers in North America. Almost every coir supplier who supplies this product typically follow the quality standards set by a Dutch company [RHP]. Bragging rights aside – our buffered coir beats this RHP standard by a mile. If you are interested in the science behind buffering. please find below a PDF document that shows the test results of the buffered coir. BufferedCoir_Test_061214

Packaging Options

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5 Kg Block

5 Kg Blocks

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650 g bricks

650 g Bricks

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50 liter peat bags

50 Liter Bags

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