Coco Peat

Low, High Ec and Buffered 100% Coco Peat

Coco pith (coco peat), also known as coir pith, coir fiber pith, coir dust or coir peat is the dust like particle that falls off when the coir fibers are removed from coconut husks.

Depending on the end use, this coir pith is dried, screened for impurities, washed and graded before it is further processed. One pound of washed and dried coco peat will absorb about 1.8 Gallons of water [about 6 to 8 times its own weight]. Because of this unique feature, Coco Peat is widely used as a soil additive and as a filler in various potting soil mixes. Our coco peat is 100% natural and comes loaded with several macro and micro plant nutrients.

Unsieved and Semi-washed Coco Peat

Unsieved, Semi-washed coco pith finds a great use in certain applications where high salt levels are acceptable [e.g., soil amendment, industrial absorbents, etc.]. This product is the least expensive among the group.

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High Ec Coir Pith- Test Results

Sieved, Multiple Washed, Low eC Coco Peat

Easily, the most popular and the most preferred choice of coco peat. Hydroponic Growers, Vermi-culture, Terrace-gardens, Potting Soil Manufacturers, Greenhouses and a wide range of other industries prefer this product.

The pith is washed multiple times to remove the tannins and excess salt contents to suit the need of the industry.

Please click on the PDF’s below to view the specifications as well as the test results (which also shows the yield).


Low Ec Coir Pith – Test Results

Sieved, Washed & Buffered Coco Peat

Buffered Coir is the signature product of our company.  In the last few years, we have supplied several hundred tonnes of this buffered coco peat. Our buffered coco peat is the top most choice among the leading potting soil manufacturers in North America. Almost every coir supplier who supplies this product typically follow the quality standards set by a Dutch company [RHP]. Bragging rights aside – our buffered coir beats this RHP standard by a mile.

If you are interested in the science behind buffering. please find below a PDF document that shows the test results of the buffered coir.




Packaging Options

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5 Kg Block

5 Kg Blocks

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650 g bricks

650 g Bricks

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50 liter peat bags

50 Liter Bags

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