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Combo Products

Coco products have been evolving at a rapid pace in the last couple of decades. The product has been re-engineered with many twists and tweaks to suit many new end uses. Here are a few choices:

80% Pith – 20% Chips, Washed

A preferred choice among growers of tomato, bell pepper etc. Because of the presence of husk chips, there is better aeration to the roots.


60% Pith – 40% Fibers, Washed

This combination is getting more popular with potting soil suppliers. A larger volume, but lower weight makes it easy to transport and use the product in home gardens. Also, better air porosity for stronger roots.
  • 60% Coir Pith – 40% Fiber [we can also do a 50/50 blend]
  • eC 0.25 – 0.50 mS/cm


Coco Fines, Washed

Coir Fines is the dust like particle that is obtained when coir husks are decorticated. They do not absorb water and its presence is mostly to pack more weight into the soil mix. However, off late, it has been reported that coir fines do help with the plant growth.