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Coconut Fiber Products

1st Quality Coconut Fiber

Coir Fiber Bales [ #1 Fibers]

Coir fibers have been in use for well over a thousand years in Southeast Asia. These fibers are ripped from the husks, dried and packed in compressed bales. They are widely used for producing like erosion control nets, coir-logs, ropes, mats and mattress. They are also used widely in the production of brushes, brooms and other household items.

There are two types of coir fibers:

White: This is from fresh coconut husks. Hence they appear white. This fiber is more supple and used for making twine and sacks.
Brown: This is from aged an dried husks. Hence they appear brown. This fiber is used for producing geo-textiles,  door mats and coir mattress.

  • Moisture < 15%
  • Impurities < 3%
  • Fiber Length 7-10 cm [20%] & 11-25 cm [80%] in the compressed bales.
  • Packing: 35 Kg -100 Kg – 105 Kg [+/- 3%]

Coco Cut Fibers

Fibers removed from the coconut husk are cut into approx 1.0″-1.5″ in length. These cut fibers lack the fine porous structure of the coco pith. Hence it has an ability to distribute the water evenly (as opposed to the pith, which tends to hold the water). When blended with a potting soil, it improves the capillary action. These cut fibers give the soil a coarse structure and helps in improving the drainage.




Crushed Coir

Coconut husks are crushed and grounded into an even consistency. This crushed coir gives a nice coarse texture to loamy soil and improves the capillary action.