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Grow Bags

Slabs and Open Top Bags

Grow Bags

Our grow bags are the perfect choice for cultivations where deep roots are not required such as tomatoes, lettuces and strawberries. This growing medium is widely use in gardening and greenhouses due to the multiple benefits that offers to fruits, vegetables and flowers. This product is a perfect replacement from planting directly into the soil.

Furthermore, with its convenient dimension sizes (see all dimensions below), greenhouses and others can use space more efficiently. Time and labor will be less because soil preparation or digging can be provided with the product itself.

Our grow bags are rich in nutrients for plant, fruit and vegetable growth. Greenhouses most often use them to avoid the usage of same tired soil. Grow bags are still useful when it gets decomposed to manure. Also, the plastic bag can be removed and reused (standard UV stability of 2 years).

We are able to adapt to any requirement and need of our customers. We can accommodate to the size of the grow bag, the plastic bag, logo printing and mix to suit individual requests.

Open Top Bags

With the open top bags of For Peat’s sake, greenhouses will avoid the fill and spread of heavy and inconvenient pots. Because of its very light weight before expansion (see dimensions below), greenhouses are able to distribute and move open top bags easily, saving time and labor.

Open top bags are commonly used for growing tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries and cut flower production. Industries such as horticulture, floriculture and seed raising benefit from this growing medium.

Click below to see the dimensions and mixes of our grow bags and open top bags!

For Peat’s Sake – Grow Bag Sizes