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Husks Chips

 Washed and Unwashed Coco Chips


Husk chips are small chunks of the outer husk, chopped into an uniform size. Coconut husk chip is a top choice mulch for flowerbeds and gardens. It provides a ground cover and is mainly used in Orchids and Anthurium. The beds stay moist and continuously supply the nutrients to the plants. Husk chips decompose very slowly. When they do, they enrich the soil fertility.

Coconut husks are mostly used to enrich the potting soil or providing an effective ground cover for small plants in the garden. Germinating seeds in pure coconut husk chips works fabulous. We have assorted sizes of husk chips.



Unwashed, High eC Husk Chips

Raw coconut husks are chopped in a decorticator to remove the additional fibers and pith. The product is dried for a few days and then packaged per the customer’s requirements. The eC usually is under 4 mS/cm. The following packing options are available with our husk chips.

Washed, Low eC Husk Chips

The husk chips are washed with river water. Being thick rinds and a fairly poor absorbent, it takes a considerable amount of water to wash the salts in the husk chips. The number and frequency of washes depend on the end use of the product. Usually, low eC husk chips have an eC of under 1 mS/cm. The following packing options are available with our husk chips.

Packaging Options

Please click on the pictures below to view the packaging options


5 kg Husk Chip Blocks

5 Kg Husk Chip Blocks


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650 g Husk Bricks

650 g Husk Bricks


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