Political protest against casinos in Hungary.

The new coronavirus infection is causing an uproar in Hungary over the operation of casinos during the restrictions. Not only many people who have lost their jobs due to the introduction of certain measures to combat the coronavirus, but also politicians do not understand why gambling establishments remain open during an epidemic and are not subject to severe restrictions like other public places.

As a sign of protest, MP Janos Bencik posted a picture on his Facebook, where he and his supporters are outside the famous Las Vegas allslotsonline.casino in Budapest, holding a “closed” sign in their hands.

But what prompted the politician to do this? Janos also, like many, doesn’t understand why the casinos continue to operate. It is worth noting that during the second wave of the worldwide pandemic, catering chains and many other industries were subjected to restrictions on their operations to the point of complete closure. Most businesses in the country are awaiting orders from the Hungarian government to resume operations, while the gaming industry has only been imposed one ban – limiting operations to seven p.m.

Regarding this issue, Gergely Gulas made a comment. The politician justified this by saying that legally new uk casinos are shops, not the entertainment industry. 

There has been a serious fight on social media, with many commentators urging gambling addicts to switch to the online casino format. 

However, the protesters are not just unhappy with the fact that gambling establishments continue to operate at such a time. Activists are saying that these establishments are totally failing to comply with the precautionary measures prescribed in the COVID-19 protocol. They report that visitors to the gambling venues are unaware of the term “distance” which must be respected. It can be concluded that the staff and management are not working hard to change the situation and are putting not only themselves but also visitors at great risk. It is also reported that the protesters are angry about the growing popularity of online gambling against the background of quarantine restrictions. 

Hungarians don’t understand why casinos have so many privileges, even though they have a terrible attitude towards the health of the people. It is possible that some of them may not observe the said restriction at all and operate not until 7 o’clock, but possibly all night. Thus, the question of stopping gambling for the duration of the coronavirus.