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We started our entrepreneurship in industrial fabrics in 2010. Looking to diversify,  we came across the versatile coconut husk. This marvel lends itself to various products like pith, coir & fiber. There were many silver linings – the product was way superior to the natural peat, it was eco-friendly & it suited pockets that were a bit tight all at once. How could it get any better than this?

Our research and work has led us to create a plethora of products from the discarded coconut husks, which otherwise would have ended up only in a landfill. The range includes coir-fiber bales, coco peat, husk chips, grow bags and seed starter coins.

While Prestige Impex, Inc. (the parent company) is based out of Atlanta, GA (USA), we serve clients all across the globe with current footprint in Europe, South Africa, Australia and China.